BHRC pro shop offers a variety of tennis accessories, clothing, and services:


With a healthy selection of demo racquets,  BHRC provides the opportunity to experience the feel of current racquets to help you decide which racquet best enhances your game.

BHRC will string your racquet quickly and will, upon request, advise you on string selection and tension that will assist in your specific needs.

When you purchase a new racquet through BHRC, your first stringing is complimentary. 


Visors, tennis bags, sunglasses, grips, overwraps, dampeners, fabulous DEFEET socks, and more.  And, of course, there is a generous inventory of tennis balls.


The pro shop carries the latest from Tail, Bolle, Sofia Bella, and JoFit.

Don't forget the 20% match day discount off clothing.

Don't miss the great sale rack with deep discounts.